Data Backup and Recovery

If you are running or managing any type of business or not for profit organization, data backup and recovery is one of your most important protective activities. Over ten thousand businesses per year have become victims of computer crashes and data losses due to either no backup and/or nor recovery plan, or implementing a data recovery plan, which is totally not effective for your business needs. Loss of your important records or files may result in loss of business, possible penalties and fines from regulators or even loss of your reputation, which you have spent many years in building for your organization. Businesses that lose data are often thought of as being disorganized in today's information technology environment. A good data backup plan will prevent this kind of accident from happening to you or your business.

Microsoft Windows Server is a popular operating system used by approximately 84% of businesses and non-profit entities operating in the United States. Microsoft Servers will allow a secure and completely functional I.T. environment to be established and maintained by your organization. Windows Server's contain a key feature for backing up your data, which is the ability to store and manage vast numbers of files, documents and folders. Obviously, backing up these files containing your valuable data, that is stored in your system is essential to the operation of your organization or company. Windows Server comes installed with a Backup Utility that works with a variety of tape backup devices, including the DDS tape auto loader. These backup devices require media back up tape, which can be purchased from your online office supply store.

One example includes the tar program, which is used for backup data on tape devices. The tape library device, known as an auto loader, allows you to access and store data on tapes using only one tape drive. The auto loader tape storage devices use the tar utility for backup purposes and to preserve rarely used data in your computer system. The tar program includes options to compress, make a catalog of files on a tape and create multi-tape archives.

The media has been promoting storage of your data files on the cloud. The cloud may be an excellent option for some aspects of your business; however you may want to keep some important records on back up tape, simply for the reason of having access and physical control.


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