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If its not too much trouble read our Terms and Conditions before you begin making utilization of our site: www.oorooit.com. Consenting to our terms and conditions to make utilization of our site is crucially imperative and on the off chance that you don't concur then we ask for you to kindly, don't make utilization of our site.


WCTECHIE are the copyright owners of the website. Only we have the right over anything that which is a part of the website (stated or not stated here in our terms and conditions)..

Rights do our website-users have?

Our website-users can access our website from anywhere, any part of the world or anytime they want.

  • Our website-users can have the right to copy our website pages or its logos or its pictures or anything present on our website for non-commercial use only or only to promote our business.
  • Our website-users can have the option to suggest us the changes if they would like to see on our website - related to any portion of the website. (users can make suggestions related to enhancement of the navigation, web page design, loading time etc).
  • Our website-users can get in touch with us anytime they would like to through our contact details given on our website or through our “contact us form.”

our website-users shall not do?

Our website-users have no right to copy our website, its design, its logos, its content, its pictures, its videos, style of presentation or anything which is related to the website without taking the written permission from the owners of the website first if their purpose is to gain commercial benefits out of that. . • Website-users will have no right to store or transfer the data related to the website or that which is present on our website in any form (which may include but certainly not limited to mechanical, electronic, photocopying, scanning, imaging etc) without prior permission from the owners.

  • The website-users shall not send any malicious or insane (or any type of messages which can be labelled as immoral) through “our contact us form” from present on our website.
  • The website users have no right to hold us liable for any loss (more about liability will be there under the section: Liability Issues here in our Terms and Conditions).
  • The website users shall not try to intervene the security barriers of the website or try to install any malicious or harmful software or to hack the website

Technical Issues

We will dependably verify that our site is up and running all the time and is completely redesigned to keep our clients decently educated yet now and then, because of some specialized issues, it may get unimaginable for us to keep our site live or overhauled. At such times, the site clients might not consider us in charge of anything which can ruin our picture or which can be hindering to the development of our organization. We will attempt our level best to remove the down-time of the site and will attempt to keep it decently redesigned to the best of our capacity.

Warranty Statement

Everything which is present here on our website www.wctechie.com is provided . we really do not make warranties of any kind of its being 100% accurate, correct or reliable

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