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April 29, 2014

by anupama ravi

If you are addicted to the internet and uses Internet Explorer to surf the information, then beware, as Microsoft has announced a “zero day” security flaw that may hinder your system and network security. Zero Day Flaw means that the users were not warned before the act. This vulnerability has attacked every Internet Explorer Version, right from IE6 to IE 11, where IE9 and IE 11 have more susceptible.

According to a leading security company, it is claimed that this flaw has attacked more than 25% of the computer with “limited attacks.” According to them, this issue is a remote code execution problem in which your Internet Explorer access nay object, link or software, which cannot be deleted. It corrupts your system’s memory and generates a random code, which lets user to get into a website that “claims” to rectify this problem.

As soon as it was reported, Microsoft has started working on fixing this problem and will introduce security updates for all the Internet Explorer versions, except those in Windows XP operating system. This is the major drawback for Windows XP users, since the termination of its official support, back on April 8, 2014.

However, still many users work on XP, irrespective of various warnings issues by Microsoft for its vulnerabilities. With this news, XP users have suffered huge disadvantage, as they are now even more prone to issues and flaws. Microsoft has again cautioned XP user to upgrade to any of the latest operating system as soon as possible to avoid any security hazard on their system.

News Summary

Major drawback has hit windows XP users, just 3 weeks after the termination of its official support, as Microsoft has decided not to introduce the security patch for the latest flaw indicated in Internet Explorer versions. This means that XP has started witnessing the vulnerabilities that was earlier indicated by Microsoft.

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